January Favorite Find: Long Sleeve Midi with Pockets! (Gigi Floral Dress)

I love sharing my favorite things with my friends.  This is one is worth breaking my fashion silence! I have spent the last 7 months building my interior styling business and putting the rest on hold, which had been a fruitful and blessed venture of which I am so grateful.  But I love to share great ways to feel and look your best.

Three words (ish): long-sleeve…..midi… & pockets!

Gigi floral dress long sleeve midi pockets modest

If I could customize a dress for myself, I would make this one.  I love dresses with SLEEVES for so many reasons.  One is, I am a very “cold” person, you know, that friend that is always cold and bundled up even in the summer because the air conditioning is too cold? Yeah I am that person. So when I don’t have to wear a cardigan over my dress to otherwise shiver in the corner than I am in love!  Not only does it have long sleeves but it has comfortable form-fitting sleeves. The arm hole isn’t too big (something I always seem to have a problem with) and it’s buttery soft on your skin. Ahhhhh….this dress is for sure what I like to call, “Church Pajamas.”  You can wear it to church but its so comfy you can go home and sleep in it!


Next, its that wonderful, hard-to-find perfect length.  It slightly goes up to the knee on the sides while being longer in the back and front with a full swing skirt. No restrictions, no tugging and pulling just cute, comfy and modest.

And to top it all off, POCKETS!!! Let me just tell you, there is pocket discrimination among the sexes with clothing designers.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If you design clothes this is for you: WOMEN WANT POCKETS TOO!

Okay, I will get off my soap box, but what a bonus to have pockets in a dress! This means automatic favorite dress placement in the closet.

On top of all that, you can wear it SO many different ways.  Scarf, jacket layering, cropped vest, booties, heels, belt, tall boots….I could go on and on but here are two basic ways to dress it down or up.  I wore it to church with a belt and heels and I wear it around town to doing mom stuff or to meet clients with boots and a jacket. I have a feeling this might be my most versatile dress!

Gigi Floral dress navy long sleeve midi


To buy this dress click the link HERE and check out some of their other cute things at Cleo Madison.

I would love hear of some of your favorite dress finds, comment below!

*I received this dress in exchange for my honest review.