Cozy Up Odd Spaces with a DIY Tiny Winter Village

So I have this lovely Christmas tree on one side of my family room, and of course, there is the mantle with the lit garland and the stockings, but I always feel a little imbalanced if I leave the rest of the room begging for warm Christmas cheer. Then there is that pesky TV…what do I do to decorate around it?  I have done more lit garlands and smaller trees but it needed a reboot this year.  My mom has a handy dandy Silhouette and I had her cut out these cute houses on plain white card stock to go under the tree. She came over with trees and penguins and a moose and I am in love! Add battery tea lights and viola…I have my own tiny winter village under my TV!  And since my children, to my surprise, actually became very well trained to look with their eyes only, these will remain up all through January and possibly February…we will see how antsy I get later. I might even put this as a kit in my Etsy shop to purchase if anyone is interested, please let me know, comment below and I will make it happen!

Also, as a side note, if you haven’t done it already, hide your TV cords in the wall! There are a bunch of ways to do it, here is a tutorial or search Pinterest for more ways.

Please excuse the fingerprints all over the TV :p


Awe, penguin!
I just love the church!  And no, I did not mean to get the moose’s money shot here haha!

Stay warm, cozy and of course, Styled!


Christmas Magic on a Budget

I love Christmas.  I am not going to lie though, it’s overwhelming.  In years past, I have felt like the Grinch, not wanting Christmas to come, dreading all the extra work. There are days that I might not get there and just need to not think about it…but if I focus on the ability I have to create a beautiful backdrop for lasting family memories, then I am motivated to make it just right.


This year was just that for me.  I felt inspired to start early and when some unexpected personal trials hit close to the holidays, I thanked my past self for listening to my heart and going for it.
When I was feeling consumed with my personal problem, we would drive up to the house with squeals of toddler delight over simple blinking snowflake lights on our porch. Our older kids commented several times how great the house looked all lit up.  I don’t think they will ever forget it and it’s motivated me to make new traditions to create Christmas wonder around us in simple ways every year.

HOT STYLE TIP:  Think of simple ways you can do this for your family.  I add little touches every year.  Last year, it was the lit window wreaths.  This year its the snowflake lights across the porch and the birch LED trees. Those twinkling snowflake lights are $9 regular priced at Wal-mart! 9 BUCKS!  I needed three strands, but the impact was well worth it.  Also, I found the 4′ LED birch trees for $25 and the red balls are from the dollar store.  I was THRILLED when I saw these trees because the same exact ones are at Target for $50 each, which was tempting when compared to the Restoration Hardware price…ugh. The same birch trees at RH are $85 for the 3′ and $155 for the 5′. So $25 for a 4’….SOLD!!!


But who knew, Wal-mart?! And this isn’t even a paid post.  $25 trees + $9 lights = Magical Christmas Wonderland at the Golden house.

Love Life…Styled!



HOT TIP:  Make your trees taller by getting a tall planter and putting bakery frosting buckets upside down inside for the trees to sit on.  You can usually get these for free at your local baker or for $1. Get the 9′ garlands for $8 at Walmart to wrap around the base, cover the buckets and fill your planter.  Stick holiday floral picks in the garlands, hang the balls, DONE!