Nottingham Master Styling

This client has a gorgeous house with gorgeous views and just needed a few ideas to finish her master bedroom styling.  In her heart of hearts she loves the color red, but wasn’t sure how to work it in without it over taking the space.  I found the cutest red chair for her to enjoy those beautiful views out her wall of windows and it coordinated with the other furnishings she already had in her space.  Other things on her wish list included a fireplace, a covered TV, blackout linen drapes and a couch. With some careful space planning, I think we created a cozy elegant space for her and her husband to relax at the end of the day.

pottery barn, pier one, wayfair

This makes me want to turn on some Michael Buble and starting sipping a peppermint hot chocolate! I am totally into the mood of this board. Want to finally LOVE your space? We can make it happen, call me!


Melissa xox



Red Chair: Pier One

Drapes: Pottery Barn

Couch: Pottery Barn

TV Cabinet: Pottery Barn

Light: Pottery Barn

Bedding: Ballard Designs

Throw Pillows: Etsy

Fireplace: Wayfair