The Lil’ Punkin Patch Centerpiece


It’s beginning to look a lot like fall around here!  Can I just say how much I love my reclaimed wood centerpiece?! I love to fill it with seasonal things for the table.  It’s so much fun to see what else I can display in there with every seasonal change.

This season: Real Baby Pumpkins.

(okay so there are a *few* tiny fake ones…okay…okay…sheesh) But most are real. 🙂

I know I could have been more trendy with the white and green pumpkins, but I am going for more of a classic “Charlie-Brown-pumpkin-patch” feel. Is that a thing??? Well….it is now!

Introducing my Pumpkin Patch inspired centerpiece…oh, I mean Punkin. I have decided that baby pumpkins in my house are affectionately now called, “Punkins.”

mini pumpkins

LIFESTYLED TIP:  It’s worth it to dig through the pumpkin bin to find the ones with the longest stems.  They seem more complete to me and more natural. I love a good long pumpkin stem!

Yes, I can’t get over it, they are too cute. You know it’s true when the three-year-old holds them she talks to them in a baby voice!

Come, sit, sip something warm, relax and stare at little nestled pumpkins….now all your problems are gone. 😉

The pic doesn’t do it justice but when I light the candles at night, it really does have that “Charlie-Brown-Great-Pumpkin” thing going on.


Happy Fall Y’ALL!

Now if we can just get rid of this pesky 90 degree weather and add in some fall wardrobe, I will almost be set. Stay tuned more for fall and Halloween ideas coming soon!

Love your LifeStyled,






The Pallet Box Centerpiece: Worth it.

I am excited about this one.  I made this pallet box centerpiece last year on a whim and it continues to be one of my favorite DIY’s I have ever done.  If you do any DIY project this year, let this be it and I will tell you five reasons why.

#1.  It’s the perfect scale and height for my dining table that seats eight, or other long tables.  I am sure it would look great under a TV (not filled as tall as mine), on a sideboard, sofa back table, etc.  It’s just the width of a pallet board, not really a lot of wood cutting except of for the end pieces. It’s just right.

#2. Its low enough to where I hardly ever have to move it while we are eating.  I can still see my kids’ faces on the other side, no more moving the centerpiece on and off the table.

#3.  We can enjoy nice Sunday candlelit dinners without any effort at all (or birthday dinners, or Holiday/Valentine dinners…I could go on). Since making this, the kids have absolutely looked forward to our “fancy” Sunday meals.  Usually it’s just the centerpiece that makes it fancy as we eat tacos or pancakes by candlelight.  If I get it together enough before church we *might* have a crockpot meal with fancy plates and goblets which is always fun for them (note: smaller kids get plastic goblets). And yes, it might have inspired some sneaky table setting and etiquette training…and maybe British accent training…and drinking with our pinkies up, all in the name of fun. I didn’t foresee that, but it’s amazing what a styled centerpiece and some candles can do!

#4.  Its pretty easy to make and it made me feel like a boss with the reciprocating saw. Have you ever tried to take a pallet apart with a hammer and/or crowbar? Holy moly, I thought I was going to kill myself and I consider myself a pretty handy gal. Obviously this is my first time, so if this is old news to you veteran pallet crafters, feel free to skip along.

After working one pesky board for what seemed like hours, I went to the internet, found this video and then felt pretty dumb. With a reciprocating saw and a nail cutting blade, you can cut through nails like butter.  Life changer.  Side note: I haven’t ever used a chainsaw it looks kinda scary…so I took that bad boy reciprocating saw out to my yard this fall and did some major damage to the forest overtaking our yard.  My husband came home to a HUGE pile of limbs on the side of the road. Yeah, I did that (like a boss). Get yourself a reciprocating saw. Mine is the Skil brand and got it at Home Depot for like $60 which was cheaper than amazon and Lowes so bonus!

Anyway, back to the centerpiece. After I wood glued it and nailed it together, I sanded it and stained it.  To get the distressed, warm weathered look, I put a conditioner on the wood first, then Miniwax’s Special Walnut, wiped it off, then put on Minwax’s Weathered Oak, wiped it off. I love the way it turned out!  For a deeper/darker walnut color you can leave the Special Walnut on longer to soak in before wiping it off, then put the Weathered Oak on, let it soak in and then wipe it off. Add cup handles to the sides and congrats, you are now a carpenter!

img_8875 img_8876

#5.  Last but not least, it’s so perfect and fun to fill up with seasonal decor.  What you see here has been on my table since just before Thanksgiving and I feel like it’s still relevant in January.  I tried to simplify and create something that would last for months.  Mid-September up until Thanksgiving I did mini pumpkins and gourds with some fall berries, pinecones and leaves. It was adorable, but I forgot to take a pic.  Before that it was dried hydrangeas from the yard.  You get the idea.  I will be posting every time I change it so you can get filler ideas. It’s fun to fill up and if you have any other filler ideas, I would love to see them!  This one in particular though has been my favorite so far.  I did some constructing tricks as I put it together to make it look tall and full.  I wanted the deer (source: Martha Stewart brand at Home Depot last year Christmas clearance, $10!) to look nestled in.  When I take this apart to put spring decor in, I will be updating this post to show you exactly how I constructed the arrangement underneath using stuff everyone has in the kitchen so stay tuned for the update!

I hope you are inspired to create! If you need help along the way, just ask and I will be happy to help. Don’t forget to check back to see the materials I used inside the box to give it a full/tall feeling, I will be deconstructing it all with pics soon!

Happy Styling!