You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be Amazing

Spring family photo Styling

They try my patience, they make me crazy, they make things come out of my mouth I never thought I would say (“Why is there poop in this plant?”), they keep me up at night and wake me up early, they throw tantrums and I might even throw one back…but once and awhile you get moments like this where everyone is smiling despite the meltdowns and the heartache and my hope is restored, we can do this!!! We are making good memories and sticking it out living, loving and growing together. The good outshines the tough: the yard wildflower gifts with sticky popsicle kisses, the Sunday morning snuggle time with, “I love you, Mommy”, the teenager that confides in you. I am so blessed to be their mom, to have this awesome trust from the Lord to raise them…my cup runneth over. To all the moms in the trenches 👊🏻🙌🏻 you’ve got this and we are in it together. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. You are enough and you are amazing. Happy Mother’s Day!


Photo cred: Jenny Lind Photography 

Easter Family Photos

I am not going to lie, family picture day is never fun but having the outfits all picked out is a big relief. I get asked a lot about photo styling and this is how the sausage is made folks! I have to gather things all season long as I see them, hiding them to make sure no one wears them or loses them and then lay it all out to see what I need to change, who should/shouldn’t stand together for color and texture reasons and make a list of any final purchases. This time I only need one pair of shoes, yay! Then hope and pray for perfect weather and no one is sick…let alone no meltdowns. It’s seriously like a miracle if everyone looks and smiles at the same time. Realizing we only have a little over 4 short years together until my oldest leaves, I have made it a goal to get two good family photos a year. So here’s to praying for a miracle on Saturday!

We tried out some vintage looks today, she actually posed for me! I hope that’s a good sign for the real deal!

How the sausage is made:

Stay tuned for the final result!

Make Life Beautiful,

Melissa xox

Evening Wear in your Thirties…What to Wear?

Let’s talk about dressing up.  We don’t always get the chance but when you do, you want to be sure that you do it right so you can make the most of a fun fancy evening!  I went for years never having the occasion to dress up anymore, if you are in this boat, don’t worry, one day your moment will come again, I am sure of it!  All the sudden my husband gets involved with the community and just like that, find myself having to shop for evening wear amongst the mother-of-the-bride section and the teenager prom goers. But I am only thirty….something ;).

We have all seen women do this wrong, you know what I am talking about…when it’s so bad you don’t know where to look?!  We have all been there as well – you find a cute dress and maybe its not exactly your size, or maybe it shows a little too much skin so it leaves you tucking and pulling ALL night. Not worth it ladies, do NOT be fooled, ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!

I love to find fashion icons I can copy like Kate Middleton.  She pulls everything off with trend, grace and class.  She embodies the “Modest is Hottest” or “Go classy not trashy” catch-phrases with elegance and style.  I would like to be all those things.  See some inspiration photos below:

So classy, right?!  I think we would be best friends, she seems like my kind of gal!

So the hunt begins and this time, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I am not a (famous) princess.  I started with a vision of making a statement, being on trend, modest and comfortable all while spending as little as possible.  Impossible you say?!  Never.

So I checked out Amazon and found this gem for $28!  I know, I know, its from China, but what isn’t really?! Also, when I bought it I got free 2-day shipping! BOO-YA! I bought the champagne color which turns out be more of a blush pink color, which is what I wanted. Also, it comes with a matching ribbon sash…BONUS! I didn’t even know that when I bought it!

I paired the skirt with black lace shirt I got from Maurices on the clearance rack for $10!!! I actually had to tie it up in front, but you can’t really tell.  I am layered it with a tight black cap sleeve shirt I have had forever from Wet Seal.  I had adorable heels already from Ann Taylor last year clearance for $45.

Last but not least, I needed some matching jewelry (Charming Charlie) and makeup (Target, plus what I already had), and viola,   I felt styled, on trend, and comfortable all without breaking the bank!

My sister-in-law took this pic and its blurry but we felt like movie stars on that red carpet so we had to be posers for the camera! Hahaha!

I hope you feel inspired to get what you actually want when you are dressing up!  I am including a few sources for dressing up classy if that’s your thing. You can obviously find cute stuff on Amazon too.  I would love to hear more thoughts and ideas!  Please leave a comment and share and thanks for stopping by LIFESTYLED!


Classy/Elegant/Modest dress source list:

*Not a paid post, all opinions are my own :).