Welcome to Life Styled!  I am so excited to share my passion with you, to create beautiful surroundings that reflect who you are and document your most precious things: home, family and celebrations.  Here at Life Styled, I hope you will find many things that inspire you.  I am convinced that as we create and beautify our surroundings that we create pieces of happiness in our world.  This blog is dedicated to documenting my pieces of happiness and sharing it with you.

I would love nothing more than to help you explore, discover and create your happiness through “Life Styling”.  Click on ‘contact’ and we can discuss your vision for your home, your photos or your next big celebration.

Love Your Life…Styled!



About me:  I am a work-at-home mom who loves to “play house” with my home, husband and five children. My life isn’t perfect but there might be a corner or a bookcase that I can style to bring me some order and peace. I am a firm believer in celebrating milestones and making them into special memories that will be cherished always, even when they come with stress or frustration, I have learned it’s always worth it. Also, I never underestimate the power of a cute outfit, or in my case, seven!