Winter Is Not My Season.

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It’s been a hard winter and are not even half way.  In our family of seven we seem to have one thing after another medically since October and it still keeps coming, we can’t seem to catch a break.  Between the accidents, illnesses and broken bones, I can honestly say I am thankful for these trials.  Last year at this time my husband had been laid off just before Christmas and we were in the trenches trying to find him a job in a very saturated and competitive industry.  We were just going on hope, faith and a prayer that the right job was going to present itself in our hunt.  And it did but not until March. That’s a whole other blog post but we are so thankful for his job and that its going well.  Since then I started my little business and it’s has never had a lull.  I have wished I had more time to blog and post updates.  Be careful what you wish for!  I have been laid up after being sick for three solid weeks, it takes its toll on you physically and emotionally. With the kids being home from school from the snow, it’s been a welcomed break but also challenging to stay positive without feeling trapped inside sick with cooped up bored kids. Not a good state of mind.

I am on the mend (*I think*). I got myself out of bed, made the bed, took a shower, did my make-up and curled my hair.  The rest of the house is kind of a wreck from just being in survival mode.  Taking a moment to refresh myself and my space makes a big difference. I stopped in the room that we never know what to call it…it’s the front room, the study room, the piano room, whatever. I straightened the pictures and the pillows and stopped to look at the beautiful painting I bought for my husband one Christmas.  That was a happy memory.  This painting has always meant so much to him and he had no idea. He woke up to it hanging on the wall and I will never forget his reaction of pure shock, love and thankfulness all in the same expression.  This painting is always there but I don’t always look at it. Today, because of the winter, because of how I feel, it means so much.

Some of us have a hard time in the winter, I am definitely a California sunshine kind of a gal. Winter is not my season.  But today I can kneel and be thankful for my trials. This season will pass and it will be spring.  New challenges and new opportunities will come our way. But for now, I can be in this moment and let it sink in and fill my heart with gratitude for my bounteous blessings…even in the winter of life.

I hope you all can fill your home with things that center you, that bring you back, that fill your heart with thankfulness and meaning. It doesn’t have to be perfect (yeah, notice the sideways frame with the store photos inside? It’s been like that for probably two years).  It’s what makes home….home.  Winter is a good time to focus on the inside.  Inside of us and inside our homes. The two can reflect each other.  When we are sick and not feeling well, our home shows it.  When I am happy and feeling put together, my home reflects that as well.  Sometimes people think that what I do is all about impressing other people. While that can be a bonus, it’s not why I do what I do.  For me, it’s my therapy and teaching others how their space can make them feel better is so rewarding.

Go find something in your house that helps you feel this way. Take a moment to notice it and let it fill your heart with all the good feels. Showcase it as a reminder.  Let it welcome you home.

Winter Blessings to you all!

Melissa xox



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