The Lil’ Punkin Patch Centerpiece


It’s beginning to look a lot like fall around here!  Can I just say how much I love my reclaimed wood centerpiece?! I love to fill it with seasonal things for the table.  It’s so much fun to see what else I can display in there with every seasonal change.

This season: Real Baby Pumpkins.

(okay so there are a *few* tiny fake ones…okay…okay…sheesh) But most are real. 🙂

I know I could have been more trendy with the white and green pumpkins, but I am going for more of a classic “Charlie-Brown-pumpkin-patch” feel. Is that a thing??? Well….it is now!

Introducing my Pumpkin Patch inspired centerpiece…oh, I mean Punkin. I have decided that baby pumpkins in my house are affectionately now called, “Punkins.”

mini pumpkins

LIFESTYLED TIP:  It’s worth it to dig through the pumpkin bin to find the ones with the longest stems.  They seem more complete to me and more natural. I love a good long pumpkin stem!

Yes, I can’t get over it, they are too cute. You know it’s true when the three-year-old holds them she talks to them in a baby voice!

Come, sit, sip something warm, relax and stare at little nestled pumpkins….now all your problems are gone. 😉

The pic doesn’t do it justice but when I light the candles at night, it really does have that “Charlie-Brown-Great-Pumpkin” thing going on.


Happy Fall Y’ALL!

Now if we can just get rid of this pesky 90 degree weather and add in some fall wardrobe, I will almost be set. Stay tuned more for fall and Halloween ideas coming soon!

Love your LifeStyled,






The Hanover Master

I had a great time working with this client to design a master suite she loves, complete with a shopping list so she can install it at her leisure (see below for sources).  Very quickly we discovered that she loved traditional style mixed with bold geometric patterns and a pop of happy color! Want to uncover your style recipe? I can teach you how to style a space you will love without making costly mistakes.  Click HERE to learn more about what I offer including full service from consultation to overseeing complete installation services!


Master Suite Design Board

I would love to help you really LOVE your home!




Pillow covers and fireplace art:

Lantern on fireplace, fabric desk chair, “Life is Beautiful”:

Leather chair, linen couch:

Navy coverlet:


Floor lamp, table lamps, white table:

Faux fiddle leaf, clear desk lamp, mirrors:

Furniture Collection (Bed, nightstands, dresser): Grand Home Furnishings

Black square wall frames:

Ceiling Fan: Home Depot