DIY Furry Bench

Piano room

With the kids off at school, I am busy getting caught up on all my Lifestyled projects that have been waiting in the wings.  Good things are coming! In the meantime, I did this fun and fast little DIY I wanted to share. Parts of my house are stuck in the stuff-we’ve-had-since-we-got-married phase (like that rug, ugh). Slowly but surely we are updating into this century’s decor.

This room, the “piano room” as we call it, is for sure stuck in that phase of our lives.  I am gradually throwing things in there that are on trend that help me feel like I am moving in the right direction.  Also, I am convinced that a lot of my creativity stems from never wanting to sew anything…ever. This project literally took me 10 minutes. I hope this might inspire you to find a tired spot in your space and give it a new life!

Step #1. Go and get you one of these rugs from Target.  I got mine on sale even, BONUS!

fury bench tutorial, target, piano


Step #2:  Then getcha (like that word? It’s what happens when you live in TN!) four of these large safety pins.

Step #3: Now don’t over think this…place your rug on the top of your bench and start pinning up the corners like this…

When you put the flap down it will look like its wrapped around the corner of the bench.  The right side is the “before” the pin and the left is the after, just in case you are confused ;).

Step #5: Repeat step 4 all the way around your bench and now you have made a custom fuzzy bench cover in a matter of minutes!!  Fluff the “fur” around to hide your seams and you can’t tell one bit.

This does come with a warning however, be prepared for your family to give you the third degree….”Um…what IS that?”…”Why do we need THAT?”  Your answer is: We need it because it’s pretty and fluffy things make me happy.

Everyone should have some fluff in their lives. The end.


Hope you all are having a fabulously fluffy week! More tips coming soon, stay tuned.

Love LifeStyled!

Melissa xox