Easter Mantle: He is Risen!

Confession:  I am not a boho minimalist.  I know that is the hot thing in interior styling and I love it.  I am drawn to it: the clean lines, the structure, the modern feel, and I can even style in that genre…but it doesn’t make my heart sing.  Maybe it’s because I am a transplant southerner and I crave the romantic southern styles, maybe it’s because I was trained in creating merchandise display early on and the age old, “Stack ’em high watch ’em fly” mantra is now engrained in my brain. Whatever the case, when it comes to my style I love to decorate for the seasons, I love to create display that celebrates meaning and creates a feeling and mood as a backdrop to the memories we make as a family.

Today I was blessed to go to a wonderful church service and feel the love of the Lord, also guiding me to make changes and refocus on essential things.  As we all have a little quiet time today, I loved putting my new print in it’s frame as the final piece of my Easter mantle.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday of rest and refocus.  He is Risen!

Click on the pic below to get this printable!


I hope you feel inspired to make something beautiful.

xo Melissa