A Glimpse into the Heart of My Home

I had to hurry and capture this not-so-perfectly staged photo.  The sun is shining through my window today, which is rare and won’t last long seeing as how we are surrounded by a sloped forest.  This time of year my home receives the most light, just before the trees are refreshed with new leaves and blocks the sun for the summer keeping it cool during the hot southern summers.  While I enjoy the seclusion and the feeling of being surrounded by trees, today I welcome the sun and love to soak it in as it shines throughout the house. It makes me want to putter around my house like a fairy, waking up my house to spring!!! Which is exactly what I am doing, with a little helper today.  Can you spot my little helper in the photo?

While we are on the topic of kitchens, I am loving my new marble backsplash we did last summer.  It’s from Lowes believe it or not! I admire it everyday and it just makes the whole kitchen. Another little helpful hint about Lowes, did you know they own ATGstores.com?  This is where my pendant lights are from and at the time, no one in my home town had anything like this. This info was HUUUUGE seeing as how they have an enormous selection and if you order anything from them, you can return it to Lowes if it doesn’t work out (which I have done).  I don’t know about you, but I DO NOT like mailing returns back. This is not a paid post by the way, I just really get excited when I can have big showroom access AND return stuff locally!

Also, I often get asked about paint colors and this shows one of my go-to favs: Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. It’s the perfect everywhere neutral gray.  You can not go wrong with Gray owl.

I hope you feel inspired to freshen up your home for spring, even if its just pulling back the curtains and letting the sun brighten your home.  While you are at it, turn some fun music on, light a springy scented candle and you have now become a magical spring fairy ready for anything!  Stay tuned, I will have the results of my puttering coming soon!

Make Life Beautiful!

oxo Melissa

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